Mighty Mouse: Wolf! Wolf!


Mighty Mouse cartoons are among the most favorite animations of the 1940s. Originally, Mighty Mouse was created as a super-powered housefly named "Superfly." The cartoonist, Izzy Klein changed the character into a toon mouse instead. The first Mighty Mouse cartoon appeared on the silver screen in 1942. Mighty Mouse was created as a parody of Superman. His original name was Super Mouse.
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The original cape for Mighty Mouse was the same blue color as Superman's cape. The color was later changed to red. Mighty Mouse also has similar powers like Superman- he can fly, is incredibly strong and, in one cartoon, has X-Ray vision.The Mighty Mouse animationsw always had Mighty Mouse saving the day.

Eventually, Mighty Mouse cartoons made their way out of the movie theaters and onto television as a favorite cartoon character during the 1950s.

CBS TV bought broadcast rights to Mighty Mouse in 1955 from the Terrytoon company. "The Mighty Mouse Playhouse" ran on CBS-TV in late 1955 and aired for almost 12 years.

Mighty Mouse cartoon reruns continued from the 1950s through the 1980s as the cartoon began a regular staple in Saturday morning cartoon series. Read more about Mighty Mouse from wikipedia.

The Mighty Mouse series is available in the public domain. These free cartoons and movie links are courtesy of Entertainment Magazine.


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