Big Buck Bunny


'Big Buck Bunny' is a short 3D animation movie created by the Amsterdam based 'Blender Institute' and a small international team of creators. After a production period of over six months, this short film premiered in the hip new Amsterdam cinema ‘Studio K’ and is now available for everyone else to freely enjoy and share.

The story is simple, yet funny and well executed. The animation and amazing, considering how few resources were available to create it. Big Congrats to the team.

"Big Buck Bunny" is the first Creative Commons film to ever be featured on the FrostWire welcome screen. It's also the first download to be featured in 2009 to the p2p community and received more than 40,000 downloads just from FrostWire & FrostClick alone.

Project team:
Script and direction by: Sacha Goedegebure (Netherlands)
Art direction: Andreas Goralczyk (Germany)
Lead Artist: Enrico Valenza (Italy)
Animation: Nathan Vegdahl (USA), William Reynish (Denmark)
Technical directors: Brecht van Lommel (Belgium) en Campbell Barton (Australia)
Music by: Jan Morgenstern (Germany)
Produced by: Ton Roosendaal (Netherlands)


Categories: comedy , kids

Segment: Comedy, Kids

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